About Us

Want to know more about us? Well, once upon a time in a faraway land... just kidding!

Habibis Clothing is more than just a brand; it's a vision. A vision of having positivity spread throughout the world. We believe what you wear defines your attitude to society and the general public. After all, you chose your outfit, no? You know the idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" right? Well, people will always judge you by what you wear. Instead of changing everyone's mind, why not make a good impression and send positive vibes!!!

So why wear Habibis Clothing? Good question! You see, the word Habibi refers to someone who is dear to you (urban dictionary will give you definitions such as "my love" or "baby," but we like to think of it as less of a romantic word and more of a word for friends). Seeing everyone with "Habibis" written on their shirts is our goal, but it is our dream to spread positivity throughout the world! So buy a Habibis Clothing shirt today, and remember, everyone is Habib to Habibis Clothing!